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50+ HD top extreme sports videos selected for you on Youtube

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Yojen is a selection of the 50+ best extreme sports videos on Youtube! The best high definition extreme sports videos to send to friends!
+ Bike
Amazing Freeride Forest
Bike Parkour -Streets of San Francisco!
Danny MacAskill's Imaginate
Danny Macaskill - Industrial Revolutions
Danny Macaskill vs. Mitropamusik 1080p
Danny MacAskill - "Way Back Home"
Martyn Ashton - Road Bike Party
MTB | Lines Of Lofoten - Mountain Bike Freeride...
Road Bike Party 2 - Martyn Ashton
Trials Biking Through a Cargo Port w/ Kenny Belaey

+ Bodyboard
Beneath The Surface - Riptide Issue #197
James Nymeyer - Science Bodyboard
The Pursuit Of Excellence- A Bodyboard Film

+ Kite
F-one kitesurf : ANTANDROY_FullHD.mp4
Forward | Chapter 1 | Kiteboard Movie
Green as Grass - The Movie
I believe I can Fly [The best of kitefoil]
I can ride everywhere [a kitesurf film]
Oman Kitesurf Paradise
Saba Rock - Caribbean Trip (Cabrinha kiteboarding)
+ Parkour
Lady Parkour by Julie
NYPK New York Parkour (Parkour and Freerunning)
Parkour - Addicted
Parkour - Defy Gravity
Parkour, literally.
Winter Free Running - Ice Parkour - Ronnie Shalvis

+ Skate
Chaz Ortiz...
Endless Roads 1 - Yellow Horizons (with Longboard Girls Crew)
Killian Martin: Internal Departure
Longboard Girls Crew
Longboarding: Let Go
Longboarding - Swirling Samas
Red Bull Perspective - A Skateboard Film

+ Ski
"All I Can" Trailer - Sherpas Cinema
FURY PARK Featuring Thomas Krief
JP Auclair Street Segment (from All.I.Can.)
Salomon Freeski TV S5 E01 La Niña
Salomon Freeski TV S5 E05 The Freedom Chair
Salomon Freeski TV S6 E07 - Tempting Fear
The Most Amazing Skiing Video Ever
+ Snowboard
Never Not Part 2
The Art of FLIGHT - snowboarding film trailer w...

+ Surf
Alana Blanchard Wild On The Na Pali Coast: Alan...
A Northcore Short Surf Film - Fathoms Left to Fall
Beautiful surfing at Byron Bay
Bethany Hamilton & Alana Blanchard
Biggest Teahupoo Ever, Shot on the PHANTOM CAME...
Enjoy The Adventure; Kelly Slater's Urban Jungle
Maldives - A Video Diary
Surf N Roll Mexican Bikini Shoot
X-Treme Night Surfing

+ Windsurf
Extreme windsurfing (HD)
Windsurf Australia - The Movie
Windsurf Lagoa Janeiro

+ Wingsuit
Alexander Polli, Tracksuit, Wingsuit Flying: Re...
Phoenix-Fly - The Need 4 Speed - Mountain Trails
Sebastian Alvarez wingsuit through BUILDINGS. H...